How to mill a SMD PCB with a CNC

After quite a lot of fiddling around with settings like spindle speed, feedrate, bits and what not, I have found the golden settings which allow me to mill PCBs suitable for smd work.

Meeting some of the programming gods

Last Friday I attended a Siemens event in Brasov, called Curious Minds. There I had the fortunate chance of meeting some of the programming gods.

One year of Backfire anniversary

Last week I celebrated a one-year anniversary since I started developing Backfire. This post contains some reflections on what happened during the last year.

Capturing OpenGL video on Linux

While on Windows the dedicated solution for realtime video capture software is Fraps, on Linux there does not seem to be such a dedicated solution. Or is there?

Apache Benchmark apr_socket_recv error when performing a load test

Apache Benchmark crashes with apr_socket_recv: Connection reset by peer (104) when performing a load test