And God said "Let there be light!"

Congratulations! You accomplished the previous task and now you proudly look at them wires rotating around in style. But something’s bothering you; they seem all a bit … thin, shall we say? Your next mission is to get them dressed up in simple clothes and turn the light on. In common tongue this means that each cube should be flat shaded and have a distinct colour while performing the same mesmerizing dance as before. And to add a bit of style, have the light modulate its energy from none to full twice in the same 5 second interval.

The Wired Swirling Cubes

This time our aim is to replace the dull triangle with three wireframe cubes placed one next to another, all in our current view. They should slowly rotate on all axes around their center geometrical center with different amounts and the application should close once 5 seconds pass.

The Lonely Green Triangle

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to write an application that opens a fullscreen (or not) window onto which a green triangle using OpenGL is drawn; after 3 seconds the application must close.

Demoscene Lab prelude

Prerequisites for Demoscene Lab and various other little things.

What would you do

Here’s one question (a likely result of too much beer): suppose you survive the end of the world and you happen to run into a group of people (survivors) in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world. You naturally express your great desire to join the group (the more the merrier), but when you do you are faced with the following question: what skills do you think you possess that would benefit the group enough to make wasting existing resources on your sorry ass not a bad business? Remember, computers do not exist anymore due to EMP shockwaves so being a programming guru is worthless now.

Let me know.